Growing up in North Devon surrounded by beautiful wild countryside and coast, a work opportunity brought me up to Bristol where I've lived for over 30 years now.

An early encounter watching, as an image materialised as if by magic from a blank piece of paper in my dad's darkroom, sparked an interest which developed several decades later (with some encouragement from an older brother) into making images of my own. I use both digital and film cameras and my growing collection includes a medium format Zeiss Super Ikonta rescued from a loft, several 35mm second hand cameras bought from charity shops and an Olympus Trip, Lubitel and Praktica from family and friends and I've discovered that learning how to process and print b&w film is both enjoyable and a good way of "switching off" from the hectic pace and sometimes stressful things that life throws in your direction.

Took the Bristol Photographic Society photography course in 2008.

I've contributed work to exhibitions at The Bristol Central Library, The Folk House, The Showroom, Grounded, The Social Bar & Cafe and the Co-Exist Gallery at Hamilton House